Financial Advisor Social Media Best Practice – #Hashtags

Financial Advisors – Don’t forget to add #Hashtags to your social media posts. Hashtags are a searchable link. It makes your posts (content) discoverable and a great way to target client leads. Hashtags expand reach and amplify your content. I recommend 2-3 hashtags on Twitter & Facebook. LinkedIn up to 5 Hashtags. If you use too many Hashtags in a post it will look like SPAM (also makes you look desperate for attention). Social Media algorithms may mark it as spam if you add too many.

Curated a list of Hashtags according to your firms location (City, State), and specialty (Retirement, 401k, Estate Planning, Wealth Management, etc). A good way to see if the Hashtag is popular within the Financial Advisor community is to search for it first before you use it. Don’t overlook Hashtags as its a very important part of your Social Media marketing strategy!

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