Does Yahoo Need a Smartphone or Tablet Now?

What about a Yahoo branded smartphone or Tablet? Jump on that train. Drive that Yahoo mobile strategy.

Google has one (Nexus 7 + Android), Bing has one (Windows Phone + Surface Tablet), Amazon has one (Tablet + rumor phone), Barnes and Noble (Tablet), Facebook (rumor to have phone in works).

Yahoo can drive their mobile ecosystem through a Tablet or Smartphone. Get an ODM (like FOXCONN) in Taiwan to design one, and get a mobile carrier to carry it. Your not going to out build a Nexus 7 or a Windows phone so make it run on the latest Andriod and play off their strengths. Yahoo could subsidize a smaller mobile carrier (T mobile) and make the killer feature a 5GB DATA PLAN for $20/MONTH. That’s the feature differentiator. A cheap data plan that is irresistible! But make that cheap data plan ONLY for the Yahoo smartphone or Tablet.

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