CES 2014


Quick thoughts on this years CES 2014. Looks like curved displays will be a big thing this year. From TV’s to Smartphones. Anything “wearable” and “connected” will also be huge in 2014. Of course, the “Internet of things” will continue to pick up steam from appliances, to fitness trackers, to anything or object that can be connected to the Internet and transform your daily life. It remains to be seen if most of these products will actually ship in the next year. Electronic Darwinism suggest that ½ the CES product debuts will never make it to market or actually be profitable.

What the Heck is Bluetooth Smart Ready?

Think smartphones, notebooks, and tablets—that can receive and share Bluetooth signals from such accessories as speakers, headphones, fitness accessories, and even medical tools such as heart-rate monitors and electronic thermometers.

But never fear! Newer laptops, phones, and slates with Bluetooth Smart Ready radios built in will work with previous-generation Bluetooth peripherals. Essentially, if you have a Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphone or notebook, you can still use it to stream podcasts to your Bluetooth 3.0 wireless speaker system or headphones. So no need to throw out those headsets or portable speakers. 

Does Yahoo Need a Smartphone or Tablet Now?

What about a Yahoo branded smartphone or Tablet? Jump on that train. Drive that Yahoo mobile strategy.

Google has one (Nexus 7 + Android), Bing has one (Windows Phone + Surface Tablet), Amazon has one (Tablet + rumor phone), Barnes and Noble (Tablet), Facebook (rumor to have phone in works).

Yahoo can drive their mobile ecosystem through a Tablet or Smartphone. Get an ODM (like FOXCONN) in Taiwan to design one, and get a mobile carrier to carry it. Your not going to out build a Nexus 7 or a Windows phone so make it run on the latest Andriod and play off their strengths. Yahoo could subsidize a smaller mobile carrier (T mobile) and make the killer feature a 5GB DATA PLAN for $20/MONTH. That’s the feature differentiator. A cheap data plan that is irresistible! But make that cheap data plan ONLY for the Yahoo smartphone or Tablet.


Tablets are saving industries that were left for dead. Publishers Like Conde Nast and NY Times. HBO Go online on-demand as a “value add” to their subscribers (streaming). Tablets are out selling PC’s. Mobile is the future.