Why Your Website Needs Social Referral Traffic

As Social Media continues to rise as the new dominant communication platform. Its crucial that Digital + Social Marketing teams must pay attention to this valuable referral firehouse (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc). Directing traffic back to your website (think sales) or online media publication is essential. Its a huge traffic opportunity. Newer users and demographics are starting to bypass search engines for this more “social” interaction to find new content and websites. Referrals are more legitimate and more trusted coming from a social media feed than most search engines nowadays. 

What makes this platform (Social Media) effective is that its free and very interactive

Lets take a look at the latest compelling sadistics (as one of my Economics professors use to say)….I mean statistics.

Pinterest drives twice the website referral traffic of Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + combined (Shareaholic image) via: Danny Wong @ Shareaholic

Its crucial now more than ever to integrate Social Media into your traditional marketing activities.

Useful Tips: Social media traffic is at its best when you use more than one social network. Make sure you post the links back to your website + use #Hashtags. Always add sharing buttons to your websites blog posts. This make it much easier for your readers to share your posts to their own friends and followers. Understand your audiences and tailor content accordingly.

Always make sure you track your referrals thru the Google Analytics dashboard, Social Mention, or any analytic traffic service. Its critical to monitor your Social Media efforts and make adjustments on the fly.