iWatch SmartWatch Musings……Follow Up

Samsung strikes first! First mover advantage. They showed their cards first. The Samsung watch looks a bit clunky and does not support the S3 or S4 out of the gate, but the support issues with their entire line of smart phones should be worked out in the next month with a firmware update. The watch is not spectacularly good looking or fashionable but I like the screen size and the functions. Functions like the Gear Manager App to locate your watch or phone if its lost, 3rd party fitness apps that are coming, Pedometer, camera and phone dialer.

iWatch SmartWatch Musings……

Its pretty much common knowledge right now that Apple will come out with a Smartwatch. When is the question? Google, Samsung, Microsoft, etc., are also planning to follow Apple into the Smartwatch category. Question is when? Will they follow after the iWatch release or will they try to beat Apple to the new product category and release this fall? At this point, they are all in development and all are watching each other like a poker game. Who will show their cards first? No one wants to be first as the rest of them will jump on them and add a new feature, or come out with FUD marketing.

Are SmartPhone Specs Peaking?

With the new Samsung S4 coming out tomorrow? Is it just a notch upgrade spec-wise? Sure, there will be the quad-core CPU, upgraded camera, more RAM, etc., but its at the point where do you need all that power? I can see upgrading for the camera but that’s about it. I’m fine with my S3 specs and it never runs out of horsepower. Apple has the same situation with the iPhone 5. The specs are insane at this point. Do you really need all that power now? Do people run 4 apps at a time to take advantage of the multi-cores? Are phone apps even multi-threaded? Do consumers care at this point? Right now and into the future, its not about horsepower anymore. Its about the SOFTWARE.