Can Your Website Monetize in 2021?

You can monetize your website in several ways. You can place ads, write sponsored content and get backlinks to your blog or website for paid articles.

If your interested in monetizing your website, do the math first.

  • What’s the revenue per visit? (RPM)
  • What’s the cost of getting a visit?
  • Is there a viral co-efficient?
  • What’s the cost of a visitor?
  • Are there members/users?
  • What’s the permission base and how is it changing?

Ways to monetize a website include “Affiliate” marketing, Selling Ad Space, Google AdSense, Online webinars or online video courses, sell digital products, create a membership-based or subscription website. To give you some benchmarks, a site that gets 1,000 ad clicks daily would earn about $450 per month. On the other hand, a site that uses affiliate marketing and has memberships/subscriptions can earn several thousand per month.