Quick Digital Marketing Campaign Basics

Planning. Who is your target market? Which ways are you going to promote it? Be social-Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Pinterest? Google? Etc.Possible uses of QR codes? SMS mobile promotion?

Keywords.You will need the list for # hashtags, long tail keywords, etc.

Competitors. List top competitors. List their # hashtags, social media accounts, blogs.

Website. Get your website ready. SEO. Conversion paths. Landing pages. Evaluate your website vs competitors. Make notes on keywords, hotspots (clicks) on your website and competitors, check and build your back links according to your
new campaign.

Measure. Measure. Measure. Measure results! Measure “mentions” and social media engagement. measure conversions. Retweets. Likes. Comments. Good tools include Radian6, PostRank, Trackur, Social Mention, TwentyFeet, Google Analytics, Google Trends.