Pinterest Image Optimization

File name becomes your image file. Pin from a variety of different sources. Add a link to your image (back to your website). Don’t advertise. Make sure you continue to comment, like, and re-pin. Variety is the name of the game. Create different boards. Always add a “follow” button to your business website!

  • Average image is 300 pixels wide
  • The maximum horizontal width of pictures is 554 pixels
  • Limit the length of your image to 5,000 pixels
  • Videos can be pinned to Pinterest from YouTube and Vimeo. Create a detailed description for your video. This will help users understand what the video is about and can also help them discover your content when searching on Pinterest. Video descriptions about 200 characters long are the most repined. Make sure you use video annotations to get people to pin your video or visit your Pinterest page.