Surface 2 Musings…..

If you want the new Surface 2 to take off…you have to price it LOW. Period. If the goal is to just get consumers into your Windows 8.1 ecosystem, price it low. Break-even on the hardware. You will make it up when they commit to the Windows 8.1 ecosystem (Windows App store, Windows media streaming, etc). Look what Google is doing with Nexus 7. They barley break even or even LOSE money on the Tablet. They make it up by converting consumers into their Android/Google ecosystem.

iWatch SmartWatch Musings……

Its pretty much common knowledge right now that Apple will come out with a Smartwatch. When is the question? Google, Samsung, Microsoft, etc., are also planning to follow Apple into the Smartwatch category. Question is when? Will they follow after the iWatch release or will they try to beat Apple to the new product category and release this fall? At this point, they are all in development and all are watching each other like a poker game. Who will show their cards first? No one wants to be first as the rest of them will jump on them and add a new feature, or come out with FUD marketing.