Website Tracking Tools Are Crucial

Website tracking tools are crucial to any digital marketing team (small & large businesses). You have to know what is working, what isn’t, and what trends will make your site the next stop for visitors each day. 

I recommend the following two:

  • Google Analytics. The most popular analytics package available for individual site owners and FREE. GA allows you to dig down deep into your stats to see breakdowns of individual regions, states/provinces, cities and numerous other items to better identify your site visitors. The GA tool can break out data by the day, week, month, or year. Google Analytics uses clearly marked charts and graphs so that even the least tech savvy individual can feel confident with understanding their information.
  • Crazyegg. The definitive heat map visual analytic tool. After collecting at least 1,000 clicks, evaluate whether or not visitors are utilizing main navigation and calls to action, or getting distracted by errant site features. Its a visual A/B testing tool in a sense. Crazyegg is a javascript-based, add-on analytics tool that creates heat maps from website visitor data. It’s important to note that the “heat map” Crazy Egg generates is really more of a click map. Google Analytics has a similar feature but I prefer Crazyegg. Who uses Crazyegg? Ebay, Dell, Hilton, Yahoo, just to name a few. Crazy Egg starts at $9 per month and you get to track 10,000 visits.