New Year, New Technology Trends 2016


As we start the 2016 New Year, emerging trends that we will all hear about over the next 12 months will be overhyped or sneak up on all of us.

-VR (Virtual Reality). This may be the year where we will finally get (consumers) our collective hands on a VR headset. Think Oculus Rift. Pre-orders start soon, January 6th. We dont know the price-point yet, but it should be consumer steep. VR will take off eventually. VR will need a killer application to get it started. Gaming will probably be that first killer application.

Trends Sneaking-up
-IoT (Internet of Things). Physical objects embedded with smart chips. This is the year where we will see chips embedded into everything (commercially). Its been happening slowly but surely the last few years. This year though, the push is on. From Health (wearables) to refrigerators to garage doors to cock pots.
-Cars. Most cars going forward will have either CarPlay, Android Auto, or SmartDeviceLink integrated. Google Maps, Apple Maps, Apps will become mainstream in 2016-2017 new cars.
-Drones. New models and new gear. We may see the new Go Pro drone?

Maturing Trends
-TV. More 4K TVs. More models will offer HDR, Dolby Vision, as well as OLED.
-Smart Home. Smart Home connected devices are going to hit mainstream with a major push this year.
-Cloud. Cloud will rise even further with IoT and connected devices across all platforms.

2015 CES Theme = Cars, Processors, and Connecting all Things #ces2015

  • Cars. It feels like the 1960’s race to the moon among automakers. Full steam ahead with connecting cars with drivers, autonomous driving features, and all around Internet connectivity.
  • Processors. Its all about low power consumption, huge performance leaps, more IoT and features like 3D gesture controls.
  • Connecting all things means IoT. Tech and non-Tech brands really getting into the connected device theme. Smart Watches, Smart Toasters, Smart Home, Smart wearables, and basically sticking a WI-Fi and Low power Bluetooth into anything these days.
  • Other constant themes were the usual next generation TVs, Appliances, and Virtual Reality.

CES 2014


Quick thoughts on this years CES 2014. Looks like curved displays will be a big thing this year. From TV’s to Smartphones. Anything “wearable” and “connected” will also be huge in 2014. Of course, the “Internet of things” will continue to pick up steam from appliances, to fitness trackers, to anything or object that can be connected to the Internet and transform your daily life. It remains to be seen if most of these products will actually ship in the next year. Electronic Darwinism suggest that ½ the CES product debuts will never make it to market or actually be profitable.