Why Businesses Should Utilize Social Media + How Do You Measure?

Why Businesses Should Utilize Social Media

  1. Drives traffic
  2. Discover new customers
  3. Builds brands
  4. Attracts customers and evangelists who can help spread the “message”
  5. Creates positive associations with product or brand

How do you track social media ROI (metrics)?

  1. Traffic data (uniques coming from social media pages/profile)
  2. Fan/Follower data
  3. Social interaction data
  4. Social content performance (is the content produced on these social media sites driving traffic?)

Are there tools to help me track these metrics? Oh yeah! Just to name a few….

  1. Radian6. Best known social media monitoring tool.
  2. Social Mention. “Google Alerts” for Social Media.
  3. TwentyFeet. Aggregation of metrics and a datastream from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  4. Klout. Measures influence online.
  5. Viralheat. One of the best ways to measure social media (cheap for basic plan).

Why You Should Be on Facebook

Because its a great business networking platform for self-promotion, branding, advertising, sales, and multimedia interaction. Why? Why spend the money and time? Below are a few basic reasons (stats):

1. 93% of adult US Internet users are on Facebook. (source: BlogHer, April 2011)

2. Facebook is overtaking Google and Yahoo in total time spent online. (source: ComScore, August 2011)

3. More than half of B2B marketers agree that Facebook is an effective marketing tool. (source: Outsell, December 2009)

4. More than half of small businesses agree that Facebook is beneficial to their business. (source: Ad-ology, November 2010)

5. 67% of B2C and 41% of B2B companies that use Facebook for marketing have acquired a customer through this channel. (source: HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing Report 2011)

6. One out of every eight minutes online is spent on Facebook. (source: ComScore, February 2011)

The demographics are almost limitless for all different products and services. Just a simple Facebook fan page will work. A fan page is an official page for a brand on Facebook. A Facebook page is created and other users can become fans of the page. Put a linkback to your website and its yet another way to increase traffic.