Boost Your Brand with Effective Blogger Relations: How One Company’s Strategy Resulted in 35% Surge in Sales and Tripled Website Traffic

Blogger relations

Discover the Power of Blogger Relations with this Real-Life Success Story!

Learn how a simple outreach to a popular blogger resulted in a glowing review, thousands of comments, and a viral effect that boosted product sales and website traffic. Find out how you can leverage the influence of bloggers to get nearly free publicity, valuable feedback, and higher ROI on your marketing efforts. Read on for the details and actionable tips.

Here’s a real-life example of a successful blogger outreach program: A friend’s company found a popular blogger who had spoken highly of the company’s product + brand. Just prior to launching a new product, the company sent the blogger a free sample, inviting him to review it with “no strings attached.” Long story short, after a back-and-forth conversation with the blogger during his review, he (the blogger) wrote a favorable review that generated a flood of comments. The company got nearly free publicity and feedback for a future version of the reviewed product. This blogger is trendy on a viral blog with thousands of followers as well as content that is syndicated. Product sales surged 35% right after the article/review was written. The traffic to the company’s website from the blog tripled (as tracked by google analytics data).

This successful blogger outreach strategy is just one example of how you can harness the power of bloggers to amplify your message and grow your business. By identifying influential bloggers in your niche, engaging with them authentically, and providing them with valuable content or samples, you can build strong relationships that benefit both parties. Not only can you get valuable exposure, social proof, and SEO benefits from blogger reviews and mentions, but you can also tap into their loyal followers and build your own community of brand advocates.

Author: Online Marketing Juice

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