Financial Advisor Social Media Targeting for Lead Generation

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Social Media should be part of your firm’s marketing strategy. There are tremendous number of potential clients out there in the Social Media ether looking for financial advisor help. As social media continues to increase with financial advisor usage – Advisors are using platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook company pages as a powerful tool in increasing traffic back to their respected website.

The number of active users on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, continues to grow exponentially, making social media an increasingly attractive channel for financial advisors to not only reach prospective clients and centers of influence, but to nurture relationships with existing clients as well.

After you optimize your profile (contact information, links to website, bio, background and profile logo image), it’s time to create sticky content. Sticky content should include original article blog posts that sit on your company website. Sticky content can also include landing pages, eBooks, YouTube channel, Video and even outside retweeted curated (SEC & FINRA compliant) content.

Dialing in targeting for those high-quality leads looking for Financial Advisor advice includes paid PPC social media ads in which you choose specific demographics for your ideal client (age, gender, household income, City, State, etc.). You can also dial in by selecting #Hashtags keywords that act as a search function for people looking for financial help (#WealthManagers #Advisors, #RIA, #CFP, City & State hashtag etc.). Social Media tools also help targeting. Tools such as HootSuite, Sprout Social, Wyng, Buzzsumo, Mention, Audiense and Google Analytics which provide social media tracking, monitors and analyzes traffic from social, tracks social campaigns and measures ROI.

Bottom line: Social Media is a tremendous source of delivering traffic to your website and hopefully (with the help of a superb website funnel) will convert them into quality leads.

Author: Online Marketing Juice

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