5 Financial Advisor Video Marketing Content Tips

Video Camera

Video is an incredible tool to market your Financial Service. Good sticky video content can increase brand awareness, website visit lengths (time-on-site), lead generation, as well as compliment your YouTube channel.

5 Video Content Tips for Financial Advisors:

  • Length (1-5 minutes)
  • Production quality (Hi-Res video, camera, setting, post production editing)
  • Subject (clickable sticky subjects like Medicare, Retirement, Social Security, Estate Planning, etc.)
  • Speaker Charisma (needs to come across as “authentic”)
  • Script (teaser, catchy title, subject, problems & solutions, Call to Action)

*Make sure to include up front company disclosure and disclaimer to satisfy Financial Advisor Compliance rules. I will create another blog post on how to optimize specifically for a YouTube channel (tags, description, category, etc.).

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