What is a Website Funnel?

A Website Funnel is basically an action you create to attract visitors (SEO, Social Media, PPC campaigns, Email opt-in, YouTube channel) to your website and guide them to take some sort of desired action like fill out a contact form (client leads), buy a book (Amazon link), or an actual product (add to shopping cart).

At the top of the funnel comes “awareness” followed down by interest>desire>action

Creating a perfect website funnel is literally an art form. A web designer has to be super creative and know the audience. Knowledge of of the process includes creating & mapping landing pages, CTA (Call to Actions), trip wires, product pages, image optimization, keywords, blog posts, etc.

Finally, if a website funnel isn’t converting, or it breaks down somewhere (leaks) in the middle, a website designer needs to figure out where the Google Analytics metrics drop off. Analytics is one of the best ways to measure your site’s performance, and can identify which part of the funnel isn’t working.

Author: Online Marketing Juice

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