Content Creation – Curation Tools


Pinterest:  Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that I use to generate ideas.
Tumblr: Another tool/platform I use to generate ideas as well as share them. publish content in an efficient and impacting way using big data semantic technology that helps them quickly find relevant content.
CurationSoft: Curate Content from Google Blogs, News and Books, Google Plus, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Wikipedia, any RSS Feed. Works on all platforms.
iFlow: tool that allows users to discover, create, curate and follow real-time contextual streams on any topic across the web into content “drops” that they can then edit, copy and share.
ContentGems: helps content creation team members find, curate, and share engaging content so they can build their company’s thought leadership and increase qualified website traffic.
SocialFlow: SocialFlow monitors real-time conversations on social media to help brands deliver relevant messages to the right audience at the right time, recommends high-engagement tweets and posts to promote, and identifies timely, underused keywords for brands to take advantage of.
HubSpot: A very advanced tool. From blogging, social media, and SEO tools to technology that can segment leads and tell you which traffic sources are generating the most leads.
Percolat: All-encompassing tool for publishing content to social media, with features that suggest content ideas, manage the content creation process, and track key analytics. Percolat focuses on the visual aspect of content. 

Author: Online Marketing Juice

Digital + Social Media Marketing. I hold a B.A. in Economics & Marketing from the University of California. SEC and FINRA Social Media compliance best practices: HubSpot Academy Social Media Certified. "Open to new clients" Disclaimer: This is my personal blog. The views expressed on these pages are mine alone and not those of my employer.

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