Using Social Bookmarking Platform as an Effective Collaborative Reference Tool

What is social bookmarking?
Social bookmarking is one kind of a system in which several websites are being organized and require you to visit again and again. However, rather than bookmarking those websites on your computer, you choose to bookmark those sites on a particular social bookmarking website such as “Delicious.” In order to search for your favorite website on a social bookmark platform, you have to use a “keyword” or “tag” which represents that website you need to refer. Delicious can even make all your entries either private or public. When you choose to make your entries public, they are always visible to other visitors using the platform. A public display will illustrate who has created that bookmark and how/when those keywords and tags are useful or popular.

How does a social bookmarking website help you?
Social bookmarking is useful in many ways. By creating a list of popular public websites, you have the capacity of sharing the information with as many other people that are interesting in the content. It also enhances communication between individuals within a team (or clients). These people can easily find an entire list of websites which display the subject they are looking for. Searching is normally done by using some kind of relevant keyword or tag. This is a great method of helping people find useful details or even sharing resources as a collaborative group. For instance, if group of people need certain information on home office tools, they would log into and type the keyword “home office tools”. After few minutes, a complete list of bookmarked websites tagged with the keyword phrase “home office tools” is generated.

With this reference tool, you can also find out how popular that bookmarked website is and who has bookmarked it. You can even contact a person that is interested in the same topic. This way you can also extend your community to a large extent. Besides these benefits, this type of social bookmarking website can also help you to generate traffic to your business. If you have a blog or a website you can link it into your favorite tagged websites and enable all your visitors to simply bookmark your blog or website. This will increase search engine ranking and potentially it can increase your visitors. is one of the best bookmarking websites that allows you to share information (bookmarks) with contacts such as coworkers and clients in one place or repository. By using other people’s shared bookmarks, the collaborative aspect can be exploited.

Author: Online Marketing Juice

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